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$45.00 $54.00
Ex Tax: $45.00
Price in reward points: 540000
Battery Rating: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 4910mAh (55Wh)
Battery Cells: 6-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
626869-321, 626869-851, 628419-001, 644184-001, A2Q94AA, GB06, HSTNN-0B2D, HSTNN-E05C, HSTNN-EO5C, HSTNN-OB2D, HSTNN-YB2D, XQ504AA#ABB
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP PALIVION DM1-3101EA, Pavilion dm1-3100 SERIES, Pavilion dm1-3004au, Pavilion dm1-3101sg, Pavilion dm1-3200sn, Pavilion dm1-3120es, Pavilion dm1-3200en, Pavilion dm1-3218au, Pavilion dm1-3250br, Pavilion dm1-3110eb, Pavilion dm1-3135sf, Pavilion dm1-3211au, Pavilion dm1-3231ef, Pavilion dm1-3125ed, Pavilion dm1-3206au, Pavilion dm1-3220ew, Pavilion dm1-3251br, Pavilion dm1-3110eo, Pavilion dm1-3017au, Pavilion dm1-3101ea, Pavilion dm1-3209au, Pavilion dm1-3255br, Pavilion dm1-3006au, Pavilion dm1-3101eo, Pavilion dm1-3223ee, Pavilion dm1-3260br, Pavilion dm1-3200ed, Pavilion dm1-3203eo, Pavilion dm1-3005au, Pavilion dm1-3200sp, Pavilion dm1-3121es, Pavilion dm1-3205eo, Pavilion dm1-3220en, Pavilion dm1-3250eb, Pavilion dm1-3110en, Pavilion dm1-3212au, Pavilion dm1-3018au, Pavilion dm1-3100sb, Pavilion dm1-3200sa, Pavilion dm1-3207sz, Pavilion dm1-3252ei, Pavilion dm1-3214au, Pavilion dm1-3016au, Pavilion dm1-3101eg, Pavilion dm1-3210au, Pavilion dm1-3255la, Pavilion dm1-3215au, Pavilion dm1-3014au, Pavilion dm1-3210ez, Pavilion dm1-3223se, Pavilion dm1-3260la, Pavilion dm1-3205au, Pavilion dm1-3003au, Pavilion dm1-3200st, Pavilion dm1-3265lat, Pavilion dm1-3200et, Pavilion dm1-3180eg, Pavilion dm1-3201er, Pavilion dm1-3213au, Pavilion dm1-3235ef, Pavilion dm1-3100ev, Pavilion dm1-3130eb, Pavilion dm1-3200sb, Pavilion dm1-3221sd, Pavilion dm1-3290la, Pavilion dm1-3015au, Pavilion dm1-3200sg, Pavilion dm1-3210eb, Pavilion dm1-3002au, Pavilion dm1-3113se, Pavilion dm1-3216au, Pavilion dm1-3200 SERIES, Pavilion dm1-3105ez, Pavilion dm1-3130sj, Pavilion dm1-3022au, Pavilion dm1-3200er, Pavilion dm1-3090la, Pavilion dm1-3170la, Pavilion dm1-3270br, Pavilion dm1-3125sd, Pavilion dm1-3221es, Pavilion dm1-3007au, Pavilion dm1-3110ew, Pavilion dm1-3201sa, Pavilion dm1-3280eg, Pavilion dm1-3200sd, Pavilion dm1-3221ss, Pavilion dm1-3203au, Pavilion dm1-3130sf, Pavilion dm1-3001au, Pavilion dm1-3010au, Pavilion dm1-3060la, Pavilion dm1-3110ez, Pavilion dm1-3130ej, Pavilion dm1-3230sf, Pavilion dm1-3231sf, Pavilion dm1-3070la, Pavilion dm1-3185eg, Pavilion dm1-3235sf, Pavilion dm1-3130ef, Pavilion dm1-3113ee, Pavilion dm1-3080la, Pavilion dm1-3202au, Pavilion dm1-3100eo, Pavilion dm1-3201au, Pavilion dm1-3200au, Pavilion dm1-3100sa, Pavilion dm1-3270la, Pavilion dm1-3265la, Pavilion dm1-3100er, Pavilion dm1-3005xx, Pavilion dm1-3214nr, Pavilion dm1-3011nr, Pavilion dm1-3023nr, Pavilion dm1-3248ca, Pavilion dm1-3245ca, Pavilion dm1-3240ca, Pavilion dm1-3025dx, Pavilion dm1-3000au, Pavilion dm1z-3200 CTO, Pavilion dm1-3040ca, Pavilion dm1-3210us, Pavilion dm1-3020us, Pavilion dm1-3010nr, Pavilion dm1z-3000 CTO

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